Valley 200 - 2021-07-19




Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin has served since 2013 as Los Angeles City Controller, the independently elected watchdog for taxpayers at City Hall. He is also charged with managing payroll and auditing municipal departments and programs. In addition to reviewing and recommending sweeping changes to the city’s homeless outreach program, he has pushed for more efficient, cost-effective housing solutions to help get people off the streets. He attended many San Fernando Valley events before the pandemic. During the pandemic, Galperin created a panoply of resources to aid businesses and residents and issued reports calling for greater city contracting opportunities for local and small businesses. Galperin and his husband, Rabbi Zach Shapiro, live in Los Angeles with their one-year-old twins. ALMA MATER: Loyola Law School BEST ADVICE: Be true to yourself. FAVORITE BOOK: “We’re All in the Same Boat,” by Zachary Shapiro


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