Valley 200 - 2021-07-19




Rosenheim & Associates Brad Rosenheim is president and chief executive of the consulting firm of Rosenheim & Associates, which specializes in land-use entitlements and planning, as well as consulting and analysis for public- and private-sector clients. Prior to entering the private sector, Rosenheim served as aide and deputy to Los Angeles City Councilmember Marvin Braude. Rosenheim founded the West Valley Boys & Girls Club in 1992, is the current chair of the Valley Industry and Commerce Association and has won a number of awards for his leadership. ALMA MATER: University of Arizona, California State University Northridge for bachelor’s degree and USC for master’s degree in public policy. BEST ADVICE: If you do good work, you work hard, you treat people well and you know your stuff, your business will be successful. BUCKET LIST: Would retirement be a bucket list item? If not, visiting Rosenheim, Germany. Maybe I’ll find out that I’m the king!


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